Phew! That was an amazing week of reading, wasn’t it? I can’t help feeling that 1936 was such a bumper year that we could easily have filled a fortnight with books!! I’m really happy with what I read – GA crime, Beverley, Nabokov, Japanese lit and Orwell – very me!!

Inevitably, however, there were plenty of books I would have liked to read and didn’t get the time for – and here are just a few!

As I mentioned previously, I could easily have done a week of just reading Golden Age crime – so many brilliant books were published in 1936, and maybe I’ll have to have a classic crime week at some point in the future! I would have liked to spend time with Simenon and Gladys Mitchell but alas, it was not to be…

I would also have loved to read some of these – in particular, “Greengates” has been lurking on the TBR too long. Graham Greene is always a joy, too, and he has a fiction title from 1936. But there are only seven days in a week and only so many hours a day I can read (I *do* need to sleep), so alas it was not to be! But there were so many other titles – books I already own, like “Locos” by Felipe Alpau, “South Riding” by Winifred Holtby, “The Thinking Reed” by Rebecca West and “St. Joan of Arc” by Vita Sackville-West, none of which I can be sure I’ve actually read. Then there’s ones I *have* read, like “War with the Newts“, “Death at the President’s Lodging“, “Novel on Yellow Paper” (pre-blog), “Confession of a Murderer” and “Bookshop Memories“. The list could go on forever – such a bumper year!!

I even printed out a text copy of an out-of-print Reggie Fortune collection, but ran out of time!!!!!

Anyway – we do hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in the #1936Club and I will continue to add links to my dedicated page. So if I haven’t spotted your post, do let me know in comments and I will add you to the links! Thank you, 1936, for some wonderful reading!

Of course, you might be wondering which year we’ll feature in six months’ time… πŸ˜€ Well, Simon and I had a chat, and he suggested we whizz forward to the 1970s for the next club; and so (drum roll, please!), in October we’ll be time-travelling forward 40 years from this club to – THE 1976 CLUB!

Of course, it’s a very different year and a very different world from 1936; and initially, I wondered what kind of titles I would be thinking about reading. However, it didn’t take me very long to track down a number of books which are already on the shelves and some of which are unread… So here are some possibles for those of you who like to plan ahead!

I was pleased by the variety on offer after just a quick rummage – and in fact feel like reading some of these now, so will have to exercise a little restraint. What will you read for 1976? Do join us! πŸ˜€