Penguin Great Journeys

This page is to collect together links from another Penguin reading project – the Penguin Great Journeys set.

This is an older collection, and I don’t have all of them but as there are only 20 they should hopefully be relatively easy to collect! I have marked the books I need in italics and will update as and when I acquire copies…

1. Snakes with Wings and Gold-digging Ants – Herodotus
2. from The Meadows of Gold Masudi
3. The Customs of the Kingdoms of India – Marco Polo
4. The Shipwrecked Men – Cabeza De Vaca
5. Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes – William Dampier
6. Life on the Golden Horn – Mary Wortley Montagu
7. Hunt for the Southern Continent – James Cook
8. Sold as a Slave – Oludah Equiano
9. Jaguars and Electric Eels – Alexander Von Humboldt
10. To the Holy Shrines – Richard Burton
11. In the Heart of the Amazon Forest – Walter Henry Bates
12. Borneo, Celebs, Aru – Alfred Russel Wallace
13. Can-cans, Cats and Cities of Ash – Mark Twain
14. Andventures in the Rocky Mountains – Isabella Bird
15. A Journey to the End of the Russian Empire – Anton Chekhov
16. The Congo and the Cameroons –  Mary Kingsley
17. Escape from the Antarctic – Ernest Shackleton
18. Fighting in Spain – George Orwell
19. Across the Empty Quarter – Wilfred Thesiger
20. The Cobra’s Heart – Ryszard Kapuscinski

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