Well – that was a week that was, as they say! The #1936Club was such a success, but very busy and I went off at a tangent reading books for it, when I really should have been dealing with some of the other lovely titles on Mount TBR. So as I haven’t shared what’s on the book table for a while, I thought it was time to take stock and regroup – as well as sharing some gratuitous book pictures! 😀

First of all, let’s take a look at the bookish arrivals so far this month. I *am* trying very hard, as usual, to be restrained – but it doesn’t always work, and these are a mixture of review books and purchases, with one gift!

The review books are the two BL titles and the Orwell (which you’ll obvs have seen me review last Sunday!) British Library books are always beautiful and I could happily spend a few weeks reading nothing but them. The du Maurier was one I came across in a recent book on Literary Paris in the first part of the 20th century; I’ll be reviewing the latter for Shiny New Books, but “I’ll Never Be Young Again” intrigued… Showa, Stepanova and Proust were purchases; and “The Guernsey Literary….” a gift from Mr. Kaggsy at Easter. I’m still amazed at how he manages to track down books I’ve not read…

Next up, review books:

Yes, there are a lot of them. No, that is by no means all of the review books I have in the house… Some are for Shiny New Books and some for the blog; all are very, very appealing. Which will I get to first? Who knows….?

Of course, a section of the Ramblings is devoted to the various Penguin challenges I have set myself, and I have a neat little pile of the next books to be read in each of the various categories:

Technically speaking, these are all short and should be easily read in one sitting. But my reading is driven by mood so I do need to decide where my whims are taking me next!

Talking of challenges, I am vaguely committed to a couple of external reading events over the next month or two, involving these:

On the left we have the first in the Chronicles of Carlingford sequence by Margaret Oliphant. There’s a read-along of these starting on the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics group, and I’m going to try really hard to get onboard, as I’ve been meaning to read these stories for ages. On the right is a collection of stories by lovely Olga Zilberbourg, which she kindly sent me a while back. I keep getting sidetracked when I go to pick it up, but a Twitter readalong in May may well be helpful…

Finally, there’s this little pile:

“Fifty Sounds” is a review copy from Fitzcarraldo and I suspect it may be what I read next. The Arendt biography is also for review; and that whole pile is calling to me very, very strongly… Of course, not all of these piles are on the book table at the same time – it would collapse, frankly – but every one is so appealing and shouting for attention. As I’ve said before, so many books and so little time… Watch this space to find out which book wins the Battle of the Book Table!!! ;D