2021 has been another very odd year, full of pandemic and politics and a world gone crazy. However, it’s also been a year which has seen celebrations of the 200th birthday of the wonderful Russian author, Fyodor Dostoevsky. There have inevitably been New Books about the great man, and I was happy to review a stunning one, “Dostoevsky in Love” by Alex Christofi, for Shiny New Books back in June. However, November saw the release of another intriguing title focused on Dostoevsky’s life and influences, and that is “The Sinner and the Saint” by Kevin Birmingham, which I’ve again covered for Shiny.

“Sinner…” is an intriguing work which looks at the genesis of Dostoevsky’s great work, “Crime and Punishment”, in particular through the lens of the influence of a real-life criminal, Pierre Lacenaire, a French murderer from the early part of the 1800s. The book is a fascinating read, and you can find my full review here!