Thanks so much for all of your suggestions for dates for the next Club Reading Week – there were some fascinating ideas, and the date range Simon and I prefer of 1920-1980 really does reveal some riches of writing.  Anyway, we had a good chat and although there were interesting suggestions of the 1970s, both Simon and I were drawn to Marina’s proposal of 1936 – so that’s what the next club will be!

Simon has designed this lovely badge for the club – isn’t that image fab? And as you can see, the club will take place between 12th-18th April 2021 (assuming, as Simon pointed out, that some kind of civilisation is still in place….) – which gives lots of time for you to be prepared!

So get reading and planning! 1936 was a great year for books and we can’t wait to hear what you all choose to read and write about! 😀