I have been casting around recently (for reasons that will eventually become clear) in search of Soviet Science Fiction stories written by women – which in English certainly seems to be a small pool! However, with a bit of digging online and after reference to the very wonderful ISFDB, I stumbled upon this:


It’s published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House, of whom I’m a great fan and I do seem to have been amassing more of their books recently. Isn’t this title page illustration wonderful?


Interestingly, the book is a softcover with an attached at the spine dustwrapper, and the inside flaps have wonderful pictures and biogs of the authors:


The contents page has the list of intriguing titles:

Apart from the aforesaid female author, the book also has a Strugatsky story so that has to be good.  I’m keen to find some time to explore the book, so watch this space…. 🙂