…and so far it’s been reasonably cathartic! Having said that, many of the books that have gone so far are not mine, as Middle Child and Youngest Child were doing a lot of clearing out last week. But I donated 8 books to the Samaritans and came home with this:

a ring has no end

It’s a lovely Companion Book Club edition, and the story sounds like a bit of a hoot – it seems from reviews I’ve read that the author is attempting a bit of a War and Peace-type epic, spanning the Russian Revolution. Could be good, could be very, very bad – we shall see!

But starting to clear the shelves a bit is essential, and I’m trying to be practical – looking at books and asking myself honestly:

a. will I *really* ever read this or

b. will I *really* ever read this again?

Obviously there are many books I’ll keep for sentimental reasons, but I’m trying to be realistic before I run out of space. And (whispers) – decluttering really *does* make you feel better!! Wish me luck… 🙂