Yes, that’s right – Proust. I have taken the plunge into “In Search of Lost Time” or “Remembrance of Things Past” – whichever title you prefer – and am determined that this will be the year I read it! I’ve had a couple of attempts in the past and never got very far into the first section – the main enemy of reading Proust rather ironically always being time itself! However, I intend to finish the first book “Swann’s Way” (as it’s translated in my edition) and then take a little break – dealing with the series a book at a time will be the best way I feel.


I’ve been prompted to do this by Laura on the LibraryThing Virago Group who is also reading Proust, and whose progress is inspiring. She also pointed me in the direction of a very helpful blog, The Cork-Lined Room, which assisted a previous read-along by splitting the books into daily chunks and providing commentary. While I certainly haven’t stuck to the suggested chunks, the commentary has been excellent – I’d recommend it to anyone embarking on this kind of read!

The edition I’m reading is the Penguin 3 volume set from 1983, which I’ve been carrying around probably since the 1980s! It’s the C.K. Scott Moncrieff/Terence Kilmartin version and seems to be well-regarded – certainly I’m getting on quite well so far. More as I progress through the work…..!

The restraint this weekend was in only purchasing two new books for the groaning shelves:


The Virago Group has been full of high praise for Margaret Laurence’s work, so I was pleased to find one of her titles in the Oxfam – and with a very striking cover!


As for “The Secret Garden”, I have of course read this, and possibly even have a copy somewhere. But this is a grown-up pale blue Penguin Modern Classic edition and only 95p – so not to be resisted!

So – off for a little more of Proust’s sinuous prose before work….