I’ve tried – I *really* have tried – to read “The Infatuations” by Javier Marias, but alas I failed and I’ve given up.


This was my second attempt and I’ve given it a good shot, reading the first 100 pages or so (part 1), which is further than I got the first time. However, I found I had absolutely no inclination to start the second part at all, and when I sat down and thought about it, I really hadn’t connected with the book at all on either attempt.

The book’s highly praised, the story of a women who becomes involved with a couple she’d seen every day in a cafe after the husband is murdered. Is there a mystery behind the murder? Why is the wife struggling to recover? What’s the meaning of life and death? I sound as if I’m being flippant here, but with its complex sentences and characters who speak as if they’re writing an essay on existentialism, this is a novel that’s attempting to say a lot.

However – it wasn’t for me. I found myself totally detached from the characters and the narrative, I read the end just to find out what the twist was (and I *never* do that), and I felt that the twist was unconvincing and out of keeping with what I’d read of the book. So I was glad I hadn’t spent any more time on it, I’m moving on to something else, and I’m sorry all of you who love this book – because I really didn’t….. :s