#1951club – revisiting some previous reads?


Normally, during one of our reading weeks, I can go back over books I’ve previously read from the year in question and point you to older reviews. However, strangely enough, there seems very little on the Ramblings from 1951 and a limited number of books I can direct you to!

One of the major works I’ve covered from 1951 is the first book in the sequence by Anthony Powell now known as “A Dance to the Music of Time” – “A Question of Upbringing”. Back in 2013 I read through the whole series of 12 books a month at a time, and a very rewarding experience it was too. If you ever have the time to undertake this I’d recommend it!

Another major book from the year is “The End of the Affair” by Graham Greene but I hesitate to send you to my review as it was one of the first I did on the Ramblings and it’s hardly in depth. I loved some parts of the book but struggled with the endless guilt and agonising – though my Middle Child tells me that’s the whole point! I don’t imagine I’ll get to a re-read this week, but maybe another time I should give it another chance.

And I began the Ramblings midway through a year of reading Elizabeth Taylor’s novels along with members of the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics group; and had read “A Game of Hide and Seek” before I started blogging. It ended up being one of my favourite Taylor books and I can highly recommend it too!

Of course there are other books I’ve read from 1951 – “The Daughter of Time” and “Forbidden Colours” are the other two I can be sure of – but it’s so long ago that I can’t really offer substantial opinions! I don’t think there will be much re-reading this week – the new titles are very appealing, particularly the crime ones, and I can feel they’ll be grabbing most of my attention! Looking forward to hearing what everyone else is reading! 🙂

Today’s New Book!


And by new, I don’t mean brand new. Most of my book purchases are second hand and I have a great passion for pre-loved books – I would rather give them a good home than think of them pulped. Also, many of the editions I seek out are a particular publisher or edition so I can be rather fussy!

However – my Middle Child has just finished her degree and has been raving about today’s book, Graham Greene’s “The End of The Affair”. So as I have a few GGs on my TBR pile and as “Brighton Rock” was a teenage favourite of mine, I thought I would investigate. Middle Child offered me her copy, but I preferred to send for a Penguin version from my favourite seller, Awesome Books, which arrived today looking like this:

ImageI just love the cover photo, and the first line had me hooked too:

“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”

This kind of reminds of Elilzabeth Taylor’s way of writing (more of her in later posts) and I’m enjoying the first few pages of “End” – more thoughts on it as I read on!

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