So, having made my July plans and then having them disrupted by the lovely arrival of the collection of Dickens books mentioned in my post below, I rather shot myself in the foot when a colleague at work was putting in an order for the Book People and said did I want anything to get free postage. I had a quick look at their site, and there was this lovely set of 10 Somerset Maugham books, reduced to £5 – 50p a book!! I’ve never read any Maugham but decided this would be a good time so needless to say, I caved in instantly and they’ve just arrived looking very lovely and ready to read. Fortunately, some are rather slim and so I may well get started on one of these next. It’s a good thing I’ve allowed myself some flexibility this month…


The books are:

The Magician
Don Fernando
Liza of Lambeth
Cakes and Ale
Up at the Villa
The Narrow Corner
The Painted Veil
Christmas Holiday

I rather fancy Up at the Villa myself!