Shuffling the immediate TBR


Actually, calling it a TBR is a bit of a misnomer – I have no *physical* TBR in that all of my books are muddled together, read or unread. This is not always helpful when trying to decide what to read, or indeed find a specific book… A case in point being “Point Counter Point” by Aldous Huxley which I knew I had and couldn’t find till yesterday when I realised I had moved my Japanese books to the front of a double stacked shelf and some unread books (including the Huxley) to the back of the same shelf, out of sight….

This set me looking at the shelves downstairs where I keep kind of current books and I had a bit of a revamp. I’m *supposedly* in the middle of two self-imposed reading challenges (Proust and The Forsyte Saga) but I’ve come to a grinding halt, so I brought them downstairs. I took a lot of books away to stash in a spare room and now the current shelves look like this:

revised tbr

Note the Galsworthys and the Prousts displayed prominently! Next to the Galsworthys on the top right hand side is a little pile of poetry books. I need to read more poetry but I’m failing, basically. I’m considering setting myself another little challenge with verse (will I never learn?) If I go ahead, an explanatory post will follow…. Meanwhile, I shall try to decide which one of these books I’ll read next!

Alas, no donations to the charity shop this weekend (life got in the way of more weeding out) – but I did find two little treasures in the Samaritans Book Cave:

zweig x 2

Two lovely Pushkin Press collections of Stefan Zweig short stories – *who* would want to give these away?? Nevertheless, they did and so they came home with me. I’ve read one story from each so far, and they’re utterly brilliant.  Zweig’s a deceptive author – what seems simple ends up packing such a punch. I’m going to ration them so as to appreciate them better by reading one when the mood takes me. But in the meantime – off to rummage in the TBR! 🙂

The Parlous State of the TBR….


Which might seem to be something of an alarmist heading – but to be honest, the TBR does worry me a lot, particularly as I keep reading of other bloggers’ triumphs with attacking theirs! I have been clearing books out madly, being as ruthless as I can with volumes I’ve carted around for over 30 years without reading, and four large boxes went to a charity collection recently.

However, this hasn’t stopped books continuing to arrive at the Ramblings – this week has seen the following make their way through the door:

nabokov x 2

These two lovelies arrived to replace two books in a large Nabokov omnibus I donated because it was so unwieldy I was just never going to read it. Plus they’re much prettier….


Only the right-hand John Berger volume arrived this week – I’ve had “Ways of Seeing” knocking around for ages – and the novel was because Verso were having a wonderful sale…


And this is one of the few Dostoevskys I don’t have, so I succumbed for no other reason than I wanted it.

To try to alleviate things, I dragged several books into the Samaritans Book Cave to donate today – and came out with these:

book cave finds

A lovely Folio Society Russian classic and an original Green Virago of Rebecca West’s “The Fountain Overflows” – is there no hope for me? Have I no willpower??

Well, no I haven’t. The thing is, if I read only the books I own that I’ve never read, I wouldn’t need to buy a book for, oh, at least a couple of years. The TBR has spilled onto another shelf or two and there are now these (the most recent layer) as well as literally hundreds upstairs:

some of the tbr

Frankly, the only way I don’t get into a screaming panic about it is just by not thinking about it. And buying more books.

Help! 🙂

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