Counting down to 1965… #1965club


As  you can see from the dates in the snazzy little graphic Simon prepared, it’s not long till the start of the 1965 Club! 😀

If you’re a newbie to our reading clubs, Simon at Stuck in a Book came up with the idea a while back and asked if I would like to co-host – to which I happily agreed! The idea is to focus on a particular year and get people reading books from the chosen date, blogging about them, posting on LibraryThing or Goodreads or Twitter or Instagram – or even in our comments! That way, we all get the chance to discover great books we might not have known about, revisit ones we’ve forgotten and just have fun in doing so and in interacting about them.

And 1965 looks to be a bumper year for titles. A quick bit of exploring online reveals all manner of interesting books to choose from, spanning literature, poetry and children’s books, to name just a few. I’ve had a rummage in my shelves and come up with many possible choices, including new books, re-reads and titles I’ve been dying to get to for ages – but which will I pick?

Frankly, I’m not sure at the moment… I’d like a little variety, and there are so many interesting titles available. Mr. Kaggsy will no doubt provide one of his guest posts, but apart from that, I’m still undecided. Watch this space to find out what I actually *do* read, and please join in with us. I’ll have a dedicated page for linking to #1965Club posts so please leave a comment and let me know – it’ll be a blast! 😀

Coming up next! (well, in six months’ time….) – 1944!


The 1977 Club is over, and what a success! So many of you took part – thank you! – and it was fascinating seeing what books you’d discovered, read and discussed. I know some were hoping the next club would move on to the 1980s, but I think that was a bit of a bridge too far for Simon and myself. So when we discussed the options for choosing the next date, we did consider going back to the 1920s again, then Simon came up with the clever idea of going for a random year. I liked that a lot too, and so Simon did all the hard with random.org (as well as designing the logo) and the result was – 1944!

As Simon mentions in his post, this is the first time we’ve chosen a wartime year, so there could be a number of interesting works to read here. You have six months to plan, and we hope as many of you as possible of you will join in. There’s plenty of preparation time – so let’s get searching the stacks! 🙂

Guesting on ‘Tea or Books?’ with @stuck_inabook !!


The alert amongst you who are also on Twitter might have picked up the fact that I agreed to co-host an episode of Simon at Stuck in a Book’s podcast ‘Tea or Books?’ (and I’m sure you all listen to it as well). This is a one-off while his usual co-host Rachel is unavailable, and I was a weeny bit nervous (but quite pleased to be asked, really, because it’s always lovely to natter about books!)

We chose subjects where our tastes intersect; so in the first half we talk about detective fiction vs crime fiction, getting into the knotty subject of genre. The second half is Beverley Nichols based – “The Sweet and Twenties” vs “Merry Hall” – and so you’ll have to listen to see what we make of these two Beverley books and which is our favourite! 🙂

One thing I intended to mention in the podcast, but forgot in all the excitement, was the source of my copy of “The Sweet and Twenties”. I have a beautiful signed edition which was so kindly gifted to me by the lovely Liz at Adventures in reading, writing and working from home – such generosity, and I do treasure it so it was about time I had an excuse to actually read it – here it is:

My nice signed copy from Liz with the signature inset…

So do go over and have a listen to Simon and I having a good chatter about books (and yes, I was drinking tea while we recorded….) Hopefully if nothing else we’ll convince you to give Beverley Nichols a try! 🙂


Coming soon – the #1951 Club!


Those of you who follow Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book will have seen his recent post flagging up the fact that we’ll shortly be co-hosting another one of our reading weeks, where we focus on books from a particular year, reading and reviewing and sharing ideas about the kind of works published then.

Our next featured year will be 1951, and the week is from 10-16 April – as you can see in the snazzy badge above, designed by Simon (who is much better at these things than I am).

1951 promises to have a wonderful selection of books to choose from – I’ve already got a pile of possibles, all of which I already own (yay!) and which I’ll share in a later post. As Simon says (ha!) these ‘clubs’ are such fun, and it’s lovely to hear what people are reading, what they think, and what unusual and interesting titles they come up with.

So do join in with the 1951 Club, use the badge above when you post, and let’s all share some wonderful bookish experiences! 🙂

My Life in Books!


My Life in Books image to use

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been featured in Simon at Stuck-in-aBook’s lovely series “My Life In Books”, where bloggers get to compare important book milestones from their lives! I was very pleased to be matched with Erica from Reading 1900-1950, a fantastic blog that has actually led me to discover one of my favourite current writers – which will become clearer from an upcoming post!

If you don’t already follow Simon’s blog then I highly recommend it – do pop over and see what we have to say!

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