Finding books in Pound shops…


Since stumbling upon books by Doris Lessing and about Rebecca West in the local pound shops, I’ve been keeping an eye on stocks locally in case anything else interesting turned up. I certainly felt the need of some (cheap!) retail therapy yesterday, after Friday’s news, and so I did the full round of the three Poundlands and one Poundworld we have locally – if nothing else I could pick up some nice stationery and craft items to distract me. However, in the Poundworld I found a single solitary copy of this:


I read Vermes wonderful and troubling book in a library copy, so to find a hardback edition for £1 was not to be sneezed at – though with all the xenophobia floating around at the moment, I don’t think I can face a re-read for a while. However, the find *did* set me thinking about whether it would be possible to read only books from Pound shops… I think it would be possible, though difficult, and only if the stock changed frequently enough. There have been books I’ve considered picking up over recent weeks but haven’t, because I’m trying to clear books from the house not amass too many more. But should things continue to go financially awry in the country, I could at least make do with cheap books and the library…

And of course the charity shops. A nip into the Oxfam turned up these two lovelies this weekend:

mandel berger

Berger is a fairly recent discovery for me, and he’s not an author whose work I’ve come across in the charity shops before – and G. was only £1 so it would have been churlish to ignore it. As for “Hope Abandoned”, I’ve had Mandelstam’s two books on my wishlist for absolutely donkey’s years; so even though it’s the second one of the two, I wasn’t going to pass it up. Of course, now I’ll just have to look for the first one online somewhere…. 🙂

Memo to self……


….. don’t forget to check out the Pound shops for books – yes, really!

£1 books

I’ve tended to not bother in recent years, especially as I’m trying to be selective about the books coming into the house (and I’ve been donating weekly too). However, Grant at 1stReading mentioned a while back a find he’d had in Poundworld of all places, and I thought it was worth checking out – and there in the midst of celebrity memoirs and tales of footballers, was the Lessing! Bizarre, but to be snapped up instantly.


And whilst idling through Poundland (one of the three we now have locally……!!) I spotted the West biography, which was unexpected to say the least – plus there was only the one copy.


I’ve loads of Rebecca West on my shelves, but no biography so this sounded like an ideal place to start. And I read the introduction over a nice soy latte in Costa and it does read very well – what an intriguing woman West was.

So – two lovely hardbacks, albeit in not quite crisp condition, for £1 each. The moral of this tale is that bookish finds can happen in the most unlikely of places….

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