No, I haven’t gone completely manic and decided to buy lots of new books as well as my recent bargain finds! But for unavoidable reasons I had to go into Waterstones and purchase a brand new, shiny book on Saturday (Youngest Child needed a copy of Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber” and I had left it too late for an online shop; plus I needed extra last-minute birthday gifts for Middle Child).

So I wandered into the fiction section and fortunately they had the Carter book. However, when I picked it up, this little card fluttered out from behind it onto the floor:

art card 1

It’s rather striking, and I wasn’t sure what it was until I turned it over and read the reverse:

art card 2So it seems that some lovely creative person has been hiding little works of art in amongst the books – how cool and wonderful is that? As I liked the art, I followed the instructions and have brought it home to use as a bookmark – thank you, artistic stranger!

On the subject of book buying, I was reasonably under control this weekend – only two books came home with me and they were irresistible bargains:

pelevinPelevin is a modern Russian writer I want to explore – I have his “Clay Machine Gun” on Mount TBR and this was just to good to ignore for £1. It sounds rather intriguing – I wonder whether there might be elements influenced by “The Master and Margarita”?

And the other treat was a very nice Penguin:

wellsThis volume contains such notable works as “The Time Machine” and “The Country of the Blind” – so for £1.25 I succumbed. Definitely *no* risk of me running out of books to read any time soon…….