… and I would be fibbing if I said they didn’t arrive over the weekend….

I *have* been doing quite well with reading from the TBR, and last month’s books were a mixture of new volumes and ones I’ve had for a while. And my current reads are also from the stacks. However, this hasn’t stopped a few bargains from making their way into the house!

First up is something rather special: my first burgundy coloured Virago/Beacon Travellers volume:

I was keen to pick this up having read up about Amelia Edwards and what a pioneer she was in the field of exploration and also detective stories, so I confess to sending away for this!

These two bargains came from the British Heart Foundation charity shop – I spotted the copy of Stoner last week and as it keeps coming up on blogs, I figured I really should read it! Likewise The Hare With Amber Eyes, which looks like it’s the kind of non-fiction I would like!

Alexander’s Bridge came from the Claude Cox bookshop – a bargain at £2, and I’m keen to read this after Ali’s wonderful review of it.

And finally – a Persephone and a Brian Aldiss from the Oxfam! The Persephone is The Making of a Marchioness in very nice condition. The Brian Aldiss is a little left-field, but I’ve been intrigued by him for a while and as I’m not so good with hard sci-fi, I thought this would fit the bill – The Brightfount Diaries is apparently a series of witty diary entries by a bookseller living in a bed sit.

But I *shall* try to read more from the stacks before I get onto these… :s