Loving my local library…


Despite its inability to stock certain of the more obscure books (ahem!) I want to read, I really do love my local library! A case in point is a couple of titles I recently brought home with me. I *am* trying very hard not to buy any more books just at the moment, but there were a couple I wanted very much to explore:

“The Sandcastle” is of course the result of Liz’s Great Iris Murdoch Readalong. I’ve been wondering if I should join in and I was intrigued by the sound of this one so I decided to borrow a copy rather than doing my usual clickety-click buying thing… I’ve dipped into the first chapter and am interested – so I may actually read my first Murdoch!

As for “Flaneuse”, I’ve loved the sound of this one since I first heard about it; the temptation to buy was there also, but as the library stocked it I reserved it. The first couple of pages are marvellous – but as I’m currently in the middle of Muriel Spark’s “Robinson” both of these will have to wait. Very frustrating…. I shall just have to give up sleep!

Midweek arrivals!


Yes, as if it wasn’t bad enough that the lure of the charity shops keeps increasing the amount of volumes making their way onto Mount TBR, this week has seen the arrival of a few extras in the form of a couple of books I’ve ordered and one lovely gift!

These are the culprits:


The George Konrad book is one of the Writers from the Other Europe series which I’ve been gradually collecting – it sounds like strong stuff, so I shall have to be in the right frame of mind to read it.

The Lawrence Durrell was an online impulse purchase following a lovely article about it in the “Slightly Foxed” magazine – and after a quick look at the first pages I can see that the prose is gorgeous so I hope this one will be a winner.

And finally, a lovely gift from my lovely long-time friend J in the form of Iris Murdoch’s “The Bell” – I have a couple of Murdochs on Mount TBR and this can join them, as it’s title I’ve often considered reading. J, who shared a wonderful visit to the Persephone Shop with me, spotted this in a charity shop and very kindly picked it up for me – what a lovely friend!

I’ve started keeping a little spreadsheet to track new arrivals, and it’s actually proving a little scary – when I see how many books have snuck into the house in the last few weeks I realise I really *will* have to take drastic action…… :s

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