… in which the Book Finding Fairy comes to my aid…..


No, seriously! I’m starting to think there is some kind of entity watching over me, pointing me in the direction of lost books needing a good home! Because I popped into town today for a few quick errands, with no intention of looking for any more volumes; but detoured into a couple of charity shops looking for a belt.

And in the first, these two caught my eye:

sten hux

I’ve wanted to read Stendhal for a while, so a nearly new Oxford version for 95p was not to be sneezed at. Likewise the Huxley – I have a load of his books on Mount TBR but no short stories and this 1944 reprint society edition was also 95p. It was also kind of intriguing – as on the title page and the reverse of that page, someone had pencilled faint messages asking someone to forgive them because it was their birthday…. My mind has been racing all day, speculating on the story behind the messages!


But find of the day was this lovely book club edition of “The Surprise of Cremona” by Edith Templeton. I read about this book on Vulpes Libris a while back, and was keen to get a copy – but all the ones I came across were overpriced, had no dust jackets etc etc. However, on the way to the bus today, I swerved into the last charity shop en route – they were revamping their bookshelves, so I took a quick glance at their other shelf of volumes of dictionaries, etc, which I don’t usually look at. Lo and behold, there was the Templeton – for £1 and with a reasonable d/j!

So the Book Finding Fairy was looking after me today – or maybe I just have Book Finding intuition. Whatever – I’m happy with the results!!



So, I *have* been trying very hard not to buy any more books recently – Mount TBR is teetering and definitely doesn’t need anything else piled onto it. However, a few volumes have slipped through the next, mainly because they were just irresistable (although one was a gift, so I guess that’s ok!)

First up *is* the gift:


OH and I were watching a fascinating documentary on “All the President’s Men” recently, revisiting the film and the book all these years later. I saw the film on its first release and love both it and Woodward/Bernstein’s books, so I was most impressed when OH presented me with the book of Watergate written by John Dean, the White House Lawyer who featured prominently in the scandal – what a treat!

The next couple of finds are from the lovely local shops – this Philip Larkin biog is something I’ve been after for a long time, so finding it as a £3 bargain was great! Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it….


The next two were impossible to resist:


I’ve never heard of The Vanguard Library but the cover of this copy of “Brave New World” is lovely – so I brought it home with me, despite already having a paperback copy…. And the “Ultramarine” is the only Lowry I don’t have so it was essential!

However, this last one was a bit of an indulgence:

new master

Yes, I know I already have several copies of “The Master and Margarita” and yes I *know* this is a translation I already have (Burgin/O’Connor) – but it comes with extensive annotations and an afterword by Ellendea Proffer and it was only £2, so there you go – basically I have no willpower! Time for a quick charity donation or two I think, to make a little space…..


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