High excitement here on the Ramblings as the Hesperus blog alerted us to the arrival of the Spring 2014 catalogue!

The appearance of a new catalogue of any of your favourite publishers is always cause for joy (the Alma Classics one just arrived too, and my wish list swelled instantly). However, I was particularly delighted to see that Hesperus are going to be republishing “Guard Your Daughters” by Diana Tutton!

GYD was the subject of much discussion and debate last year when Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book’s discovery and championing of it set many of us bloggers off reading and reviewing it (mine here). Most loved it, though there were dissenters (but that’s the joy of book blogging) and I personally found it a fascinating and thought-provoking read. The book has been out of print for ages and we were reduced to tracking down second-hand copies. So the fact that Hesperus are going to put it out again is a great joy – well done Hesperus!

This is what the cover will look like – very stylish!


The catalogue can be accessed here:


and there are some lovely forthcoming delights.

Still on the subject of Hesperus, the latest book club volume has arrived in the form of “The Best Book in the World” – a satire on book publishing and marketing itself. I’ve been greatly looking forward to this one as I think it will be right up my street – so as soon as I finish the chunkster it will be next on my list!

The Best Book in the World

As for Alma Classics, they publish a *lot* of lovely Russians (to which I am obviously quite partial!) – and they’ve recently launched a lovely little range called Evergreens, reasonably priced at £4.99 (though in fact currently available at £3.99 on their site here) and featuring such titles as “Wuthering Heights” and upcoming books like Gogol’s “Petersburg Tales” and Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot” – very exciting! Here’s to independent publishers!