Yes, Mount TBR is so big it will topple, and yes I *am* supposed to be reducing the amount of books in the house instead of increasing them – but I’m not really sure that’s ever going to work….

The safest way would simply be to stop going to the charity shops – but Youngest Child is off to university soon and so we are having a last few shopping days before she goes. And today did bring a couple of fortunate finds!

semiFirst up is what was Virago Modern Classic number 16 – way back in 1979 this one came out, and this volume is a first edition from then, with the previous owner’s name and date inscribed in the front. It’s in such lovely condition that she obviously took great care of it – and I found myself wondering, in a slightly melancholy way, why she’d parted with it. At least it has gone to a good home and will join my collection of green spines quite happily. (And yes – it was only £1!)


The second volume was a kind of ‘upgrade’ as I already have a brand new, modern version of this book courtesy of The Works, but a green is always preferable and although it’s been a bit more loved, it still will be happy with its fellows.

Despite slight feelings of guilt about yet *more* books, I think it would have been silly not to bring these two home….