It has been a bit horrible in recent days, what with the extreme weather in the UK and the depressing pandemic situation. But I had a pretty good reading month during November, spending time with some fascinating books, and as always printed matter has been the thing to keep me sane. So here is the pile and there were some very intriguing titles!

I’m pleased to say there were no duds, and actually some really stunning books in the pile! Reviews of these will turn up during December as I am still playing catch-up!

As for reading plans during the last month of 2020, I am definitely going to keep things as simple as I can. December is always a busy month, both at work and home, plus we are hoping to have some of the Offspring home over the festive season (fingers crossed…)

Challenge/event-wise, I am considering Calmgrove’s Narniathon which is a monthly read of all seven of C.S. Lewis’s wonderful Narnia books. I read these over and over as a child – they were one of my bookish props – but I haven’t revisited them for decades and confess to being curious as to how I would find them. So I have dug out my set…

However, spot the deliberate mistake!! For some reason, I have two copies of “Prince Caspian” and my “The Last Battle” has gone missing… I’m sure it’s in a box under a bed somewhere, and I have six months to find it. So assuming I get going with the event, I shall have to try to search it out.

Apart from visiting Narnia, I’ll also be trying to take part in a Twitter readalong of “A Lover’s Discourse” by Roland Barthes which I hope will go a little better than my attempt to join with a Saramago one of “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ” (I bailed because I wasn’t for some reason feeling the book – maybe just not its time right now). And I shall be participating in a little event to do with classic crime books – watch this space for more info later in the month!

Those aren’t big bookish commitments, so aside from them I shall continue to keep denting the TBR – and above are some possibilities. Of course, me being me, having posited a pile of possibles I shall probably go on to read something completely different! What are you planning to read for December??