These lovely short pieces are proving just right to pop into when I need a quick crime fix! The latest is an another slight oddity, in the form of an extract from “The Vicomte de Bragelonne” by Alexandre Dumas – one of his series of books about the adventures of the Musketeers, featuring that most famous of them all, D’Artagnan.


It’s an engaging little piece, in which the King is puzzled by the traces of an apparent duel, plus a dead horse – when duelling is forbidden. He commands D’Artagnan to go the site and bring back his findings, which the museketeer does. The ensuing dialogue, whereby the intrepid investigator reconstructs the events that have taken place, giving proofs and evidence, is worthy of anything Holmes or Poirot ever produced! It’s a short extract, but certainly a valid one, and it proves how the basic tenets of detection were in place so early on. D’Artagnan is confident and knowledgeable, the Kind is suitably impressed and the template for all future detectives showing off their skills is beautifully displayed! A fun addition to the genre (and it’s put me in the mood for reading some Dumas!)