You might wonder what prompted that thought – and I’ve never prided myself on having a particularly great memory – but the story goes like this!

Whilst having a rummage around notebooks, as you do, trying to find just the right one to jot down notes, or comments on books I’m reading, I stumbled across one that I briefly kept in the early 2000s. In some ways you could say it was a primitive form of this blog – I simply noted the date I’d finished a book and *very* brief details of what I thought of it. It was quite fascinating to look through and see what I was reading at the time (a *lot* of Mishima for a start), but also quite revelatory in that I knew I’d read these books, I’d obviously loved them but I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything about the plot or characters!

If I’m honest, that’s one of the reasons I started blogging; apart from wanting to share my feelings about the books I read and love, it’s a way of recording in more detail what they were about and which bits I responded to. And writing here has helped with this (along with keeping a spreadsheet of reading and books bought!) However, I was totally flummoxed by a few entries when I was reading Truman Capote. I knew I’d read “Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood” way back, but apparently I also read “Music for Chameleons” and was mightily impressed – which surprised me somewhat as not only couldn’t I remember that, I also didn’t think I owned it….


A serious rummage through the stacks (and it took a while, because I’d moved the Capotes and some others from where they’d always lived on the shelves) revealed that I did indeed own the book – so I obviously *did* love it back in the 2000s!

I guess the solution will be eventually to get my whole collection onto LibraryThing or some very big spreadsheet – and also to knock the shelves into some kind of logical order. Then I might have a chance of remembering what books I own, where to find them and whether I’ve read them.

Or maybe it’s just my age! 🙂