Translated literature… a topic I bang on about on a regular basis, probably risking boring you all to death! However, some of the best books of my life are those translated from other languages and, in an increasingly fragmented and hostile world, I do feel that absorbing another country’s culture has to be a way to help us try to understand each other.

I guess also that many of you will, like me, be avid followers of Marina Sofia’s excellent blog, Finding Time to Write. She’s started working for the Asymptote Journal which covers world literature in translation, and she recently gave me the heads-up about a new book club the Journal will be hosting – the Asymptote Book Club.

The idea is that you subscribe, either for three months or a year, and each month you get sent a lovely book of translated lit. Tempting or what… The three-month sub would be an ideal Christmas gift for the book lover in your life (hint, hint, family…) or just a great investment to treat yourself and widen your literary horizons.

As well as reading the books, there will be plenty of online interaction with blogs and discussion groups, which sounds fun. The translators will be much to the fore, which is a plus point for me as I think they’re the bee’s knees, basically.

You can read more about the book club here – go on, treat yourself, you know you want to…. 🙂