Ushering in Autumn


That might be a slightly premature heading for a post, but I must confess that when I get to the start of September every year and am contemplating the return to work after the long summer break, autumn does seem just on the horizon – which is not necessarily a bad thing, as it *is* one of my favourite seasons. And let’s face it, the summer weather in the UK hasn’t exactly been brilliant…

I’m not sure that I actually got as much reading done over the summer as I usually do; partly because I was embroiled in “War and Peace” for so long, which did give me a bit of a book hangover. I seem to have found it difficult to focus of late, and as there are limited challenges I’ve set myself this year I’m not always sure what I want to read next. Hence, I suppose, the regular lapses into classic crime!

I had planned a summer re-read of these lovelies, but that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, rethinking things I can see that autumn would perhaps be a nice time to hunker down under a blanket as the evenings become darker and chillier, and get lost in such a big saga. Apart from that, what else is lined up?

Well – poetry, I hope, as I really have let my poetry reading slip and I have so many lovely volumes that I MUST TRAIN MYSELF TO DIP INTO MORE rather than just trying to read them all the way through. Then there’s Pessoa, who again I need to dip into.

Some potential autumn reads..

I have a number of review books lurking for when the moment is right, and there will be the Virago monthly reads which I may join in with if the author appeals, as well as a group guided read of “Agnes Grey”. And on the subject of Virago authors, I really want to read more of the marvellous Margaret Atwood (and perhaps revisit some favourites).

Also coming up in October will be the next of the ‘Club’ reads, hosted by Simon at Stuck in a Book and myself. This time we’ll be looking at 1968 and I have a really surprising number of books lurking for that year, after worrying that there wouldn’t be much that took my fancy.

So lots of autumn treats to look forward to – there *will* be classic crime, there *will* be Russians, but what else – well, that remains to be seen! What plans have you got for autumn reading? And have you any thoughts about any of my possible reading pile or any recommendations??


And the winning year is……



Those of you who follow Simon’s blog (and that’s all of you, I hope!) will have seen that he’s been busily totting up the votes for a year in the 1960s and announced that, by a narrow margin, 1968 was the most popular – so the next reading week will be the 1968 Club, running from 23rd to 29th October 2017.

I wasn’t fretting too much about which year came out on top, and I confess I was more concerned about whether Simon would be happy, as I always feel his comfort zone is earlier in the century. However, when I had a first look at the books listed online for 1968, there were only a few titles that sprang out initially. But I did a little more research, and began digging around in the stacks, and not only does there look like a surprisingly wide range of titles available from the year in question, but I also seem to have read quite a lot from 1968!

Here is a tantalising hint of some of the books I may be tackling… Although as this is six months down the line, who knows what I’ll actually want to read at the time? Whatever is chosen, I do hope as many as possible of you will join in. So put the date in your diary, do a little research amongst your own books, and read up a bit in advance if you want to – roll on the #1968club! 🙂

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