Counting down to 1965… #1965club


As  you can see from the dates in the snazzy little graphic Simon prepared, it’s not long till the start of the 1965 Club! 😀

If you’re a newbie to our reading clubs, Simon at Stuck in a Book came up with the idea a while back and asked if I would like to co-host – to which I happily agreed! The idea is to focus on a particular year and get people reading books from the chosen date, blogging about them, posting on LibraryThing or Goodreads or Twitter or Instagram – or even in our comments! That way, we all get the chance to discover great books we might not have known about, revisit ones we’ve forgotten and just have fun in doing so and in interacting about them.

And 1965 looks to be a bumper year for titles. A quick bit of exploring online reveals all manner of interesting books to choose from, spanning literature, poetry and children’s books, to name just a few. I’ve had a rummage in my shelves and come up with many possible choices, including new books, re-reads and titles I’ve been dying to get to for ages – but which will I pick?

Frankly, I’m not sure at the moment… I’d like a little variety, and there are so many interesting titles available. Mr. Kaggsy will no doubt provide one of his guest posts, but apart from that, I’m still undecided. Watch this space to find out what I actually *do* read, and please join in with us. I’ll have a dedicated page for linking to #1965Club posts so please leave a comment and let me know – it’ll be a blast! 😀


Stepping into Spring – dare we consider reading plans…? :D


You might have noticed that not only am I bit rubbish at doing monthly round ups, I’m also notoriously bad for not following reading plans (when I’m silly enough to make them). However, I realised over the weekend that I’ve actually read very little during March – so little it was actually shocking. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s my busiest time of year at work (with financial year ends and budgeting and the like) and admittedly I’ve been fairly worn out at the end of the day and haven’t had the energy to do much at all; even the Dostoevsky marathon has slowed down a little…

But with spring approaching, as well as the Easter hols, I’m hoping for a bit of a resurgence of reading energy; and on that basis, here *are* some very loose plans of what I hope will happen on the Ramblings in the next month!

Finishing Dostoevsky

The Russian Chunkster…

First up, I *will* finish “The Devils” – of that I am sure! It’s a wonderfully involving, very dark and very funny and yes, very Dostoevskian read and I’m loving his characters and situations. It’s a long book that needs stamina and I think I’m about to get my second wind! 😀

More Thoughts on Venice

When I haven’t had the gumption to pick up the Russian Chunkster, I’ve been enjoying some slimline books about the City of Bridges (or Masks or Water or Canals, depending who you consult) – Venice! It’s a place that seems to polarise opinions, and it’s been fascinating and bracing to read what people think of it. There’s one more book to be covered and that will hopefully be soon.

The 1965 Club

Most important of all (hah!) in April is of course the next of our reading week Clubs. Simon at Stuck in a Book and I are looking forward to co-hosting this and the year in question will be 1965 (so hopefully you’ve all been planning and reading up in advance). The Club will take place from 22nd to 28th April, and I’ll have a page where you can post links as well as coverage of what I’ve read, what I recommend and what I loved in the past from that year. The Clubs are always great fun so I do hope you’ll all join in with the #1965Club – we’d love to have you take part!


So that’s what I potentially have lined up for April. I’m particularly excited to see what people discover for the #1965Club, and am looking forward to some interesting reads myself – watch this space! 😀

Club time! (Well – not for a few months…)


Those who you who follow Simon’s blog might have noticed a little announcement this morning – as he has announced the year we’ll be reading from during the next club week and that is…

96A87A9F-71F0-4313-8AEE-5D9F481E4E5DYes, we’ve gone for 1965 as suggested by Paula, and it sounds to be an excellent reading year!

Thanks *so* much for all your suggestions, and a fine lot they were – and we’ll keep them all in mind for future reading weeks. In the meantime, you have six months in which to plan your books – so get to it!! 🤣🤣🤣

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