Well, what a week that was!! 😀

I don’t know about you, but I’ve absolutely loved reading and sharing books from 1940, and there were some cracking titles to choose from! I’m very happy with the range of books I was able to read, and the variety, though I could have done with more days available to get to all the titles I was interested in!

I’ve also really loved reading all of your thoughts and reviews – you’ve read an amazing selection of books, and there have been a few authors who have been really popular (D.E. Stevenson, Agatha Christie, Dorothy B. Hughes and Margery Sharp). If I’ve missed your review please do leave a link in the comments and I will add you to my dedicated 1940 page! Thanks so much to everyone who joined in, and also to my wonderful co-host, Simon at Stuck in a Book. I’m glad there have been some reviews of his beloved “Miss Hargreaves”, as at one point I was thinking that, as was commented on Twitter (I think!), he’d probably persuaded so many of us to read it over the years that there was no-one left who hadn’t already enjoyed it!

Anyway, you may be wondering what year we might be planning to explore in six months’ time… Well, Simon and I had a little chat over the weekend, and decided to go for one of the decades we’d not visited so often. So (drum roll), the next club, from 16 to 22 October, 2023, will be the #1962Club!!!!

Here is the brilliant badge, designed by Simon, and having had a quick look at the possibles for the year I have already made quite a long list in my notebook! There’s a really wide and interesting range, with old favourites and familiar names, but also some more modern authors. So it will be fascinating to see what people read!

So there you go! You have have six months’ notice – put the date in your diary, make a lovely long list of books and do join us in October for the #1962Club – it should be such fun! 😀