September has kind of whooshed past in a bit of a haze – and although I have been reading, the pile this month is not particularly big in numbers, although it is in page count! As you can see from the picture, there were some chunky ones…

All, thankfully, were very enjoyable reads, and of course the Basil Bunting letters were a particular highlight. I also made two visits to Paris, swung by Odesa and had fun with classic crime and an old favourite author. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to read a Virago title for the monthly themed reads (there just wasn’t enough time); but I did keep up with my re-read of The Dark is Rising sequence, and found the book quite unputdownable!

So October looms, and I’m going to keep my general plans light because of course I will be co-hosting another one of our Club Reading Weeks with Simon at Stuck in a Book – and this time we’re going to be focusing on 1929! It looks like a heck of a year for books, and a quick online search reveals a wealth of titles to choose from!!

I’ve already had a dig in the shelves and pulled out a very big pile of possible reads from 1929 and it’s going to be very hard to make choices.

There are several titles I would love to re-read, and also some which are new to me, and so I’m going to have to be guided I think by the emotional pull of the book.

I’ve read most of the books in the above pile, but am really tempted to re-read some of these…

The same applies to this pile, although a couple of titles are unread – which to choose??

This pile is more unread than read, and there is a chunkster there I would love to take on but I’m not sure if I have the time…

Anyway, those are the ones I have to hand at first glance – are there any which take your fancy, and do you plan to join in? It’s a low pressure event, where you read as much or as little as you like for the week and share on whatever platform you have, or even in our comments. Anyone can take part and all are welcome; and I will have a dedicated page where I will link reviews (you can see pages for previous ones on the site). Looking forward very much to seeing what people read!

Apart from the club, and the next book in the Dark is Rising sequence (“Greenwitch”) I intend to keep it simple and follow the reading mojo. Real Life continues to be challenging and so I’m not always having as much time with my books as I’d like, but here’s a mountain of options I have for the coming month:

Again, plenty of interesting-looking titles to choose from! Do any take your fancy? And will be you be joining us for the #1929Club? 😊