As I mentioned in my July round up post, I planned to go off on some minor travels this month, taking in a trip to the Aged Parent and the Offspring. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may well have picked up that I’ve been off on the road (or train!!), and I did find travelling for the first time in two and a half years odd, but not as stressful as I expected!

Back on the trains again with a good book!!

The visit to the AP went as well as could be expected though she is not really up to going out much nowadays, and so was only persuaded out into nature for a little bit. We enjoyed getting a look at the local countryside which wasn’t quite as brown and parched as I expected; but our days of being able to travel for a few days in Edinburgh are definitely gone.

Visiting the Offspring was lovely too, as it was a few months since they came over to see us. Middle Child kindly hosted, and there *was* a certain amount of book shopping! I know the charity shops of Leicester quite well, and had some nice finds in the Queens Road Loros. Alas, the Age UK bookshop was closed after an act of vandalism (noooooooooo) but a tour of the many charity shops of nearby Wigston did reveal treasure. And a quick visit to the Maynard and Bradley bookshop in Leicester itself brought fruit too. These are the total finds:

I was very happy to find the J.L. Carrs as he’s not an author I come across often; I’ve read “Month…” of course, but had given away my copy so was happy to have this. The other title is a new one to me, and as I loved “The Harpole Report”, I’m very happy to have this kind of follow up. The Noemi Lefebvre sounded like a brilliant option for #WITmonth so I snapped it up. Henry Green is an author I’ve meant to try for ages and so I couldn’t resist this pretty edition. And the Virago sounded fascinating – again, I’ve not come across many Viragos in the wild recently! So I was happy with my finds but will definitely need to do a bit of pruning when I get home!

Yummy lunch prepared by Middle Child!

We also got out and about a bit as Middle Child is now a driver and so could whizz us around in her nippy electric car. We had a lovely time out at Wistow Maze and associated shops, countryside and garden centre, and here are a few shots of my nature encounters over the weekend!

So the visit was a lovely one, and is slightly extended in that Youngest Child returned home with me for a short visit! It was nice to get out and about again (though I was frankly stunned at the lack of masks everwhere…) – but I do now feel that travelling is now possible again!!