Robert Louis Stevenson Day is celebrated annually on the great author’s birthday, 13th November, and I always try to remember to take part in this. For 2021, I had intended to read a recent acquisition about RLS and his relationship with his cousin, Katharine de Mattos (thanks to the influence of Lizzy!)

However, time has been against me, and I’ve failed to get to the book; so instead I though I would share a poem that RLS wrote to his cousin. It’s a moving verse, and from what I’ve picked up to far, the two were close during their lives until Stevenson’s wife caused an estrangement and literary theft got in the way. Such a shame…

Lovely RLS things brought back from Edinburgh…

Here is the verse, anyway, which I read from my lovely “Selected Poems”, picked up in Edinburgh four years ago, Happy RLS Day! 😀

To Katharine de Mattos

With a copy of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’

Bells upon the city are ringing in the night;
High above the gardens are the houses full of light;
On the heathy Pentlands is the curlew flying free,
And the broom is blowing bonnie in the north countrie.

It’s ill to break the bonds that God decreed to bind,
Still we’ll be the children of the heather and the wind.
Far away from home, O, it’s still for you and me
That the broom is blowing bonnie in the north countrie!