As I mentioned in my post on “White Lines” earlier in the week, I ordered my copy of the book directly from Salt Publishing; I like to support indies, and as I’m also a fan of their various poetry releases, I took the opportunity to also pick up one of their slim ‘Modern Voices’ poetry pamphlets. I have several of these already, and the new title is “Low-Tide Lottery” by Claire Trévien. She’s another poet new to me, and I’m always pleased to explore the work of a writer I haven’t read before.

Trévien hails from Brittany and her work straddles the two cultures of France and England; the collection was released in 2011 and I believe was her first published work. The 25 pages it contains bring together some fascinating and innovative verses which very much draw on her joint heritage, and in particular the ever-present sea.

I am the underlined blank in your sentences;
my eyes are blue and yours are getting browner.
(from ‘Homecoming’)

I enjoyed reading Trévien’s poetry very much; there’s that immediacy that I love, and as someone who feels a strong connection to the sea, I obviously related to the verse here. Trévien often employs striking imagery and although the meanings are not always obvious, the words are suggestive. Certainly, it’s poetry that lingers in the mind, and “Low-Tide Lottery” is a welcome addition to my small Salt poetry collection:

Trévien continues to write and publish poetry, as well as pursuing an academic career; and interestingly has written and published on aspects of the French Revolution. On the basis of this pamphlet, her poetry is definitely worth reading if you get a chance; another winner from Salt 😀