March is a month that in many ways I’m happy to have out of the way; it’s always screamingly busy at work and I end it exhausted and often struggling to read. Looking back, 2021’s month wasn’t too bad for books and here’s what I *did* read:

What I read in March! 😀

Fortunately, there were no duds, although I’m still behind in my reviewing. I also have a large chunk of review books lurking, many for Shiny New Books, so I think the rest of the Easter break may be spent wallowing in words! These are a few of the delights I have to come – though I’m not quite sure what I shall read first!

So many choices…..

The observant amongst you will of course realise that April also sees the return of the Club reading weeks I co-host with Simon at Stuck in a Book, and this time we’re focusing on 1936. If you’re new to these, we basically choose a year and everyone reads, enjoys, posts and shares wonderful books and discoveries from the year in question. If you look at the menus at the top of the blog, you’ll see a page for each of the previous clubs, each of which has links to interesting reviews. You could be going down a bit of a wormhole…. ;D

Lovely graphic designed by Simon!

Anyway. I am starting to get my head around what I want to read for the club, and I have to say that I think we’re really spoiled for choice – 1936 seems an incredible year packed with some amazing books, and I really will struggle to choose from them. Here are some possible options I’m considering:

I could potentially spend the whole of the 1936 Club reading Golden Age crime….
Then again, there’s also a nice selection of classic literature….

Will I read any of these? That remains to be seen! The #1936Club starts on 12th April – watch this space! 😀