We’re now at the end of our extended #ReadIndies month and bit, and it’s been quite wonderful to enjoy so many books from amazing indie presses; and to see what everyone else has been reading! I hope you’ve all been leaving your links on the Mr. Linky page! 😀 I had a pretty great month of reading in February and here is the pile:

The observant amongst you will notice that a. not all of those have been reviewed yet or are indie publishers, and b. all the indies I reviewed in February are not on that pile… You see, I tend to be a bit behind in my reviewing because I usually read quite quickly, and so I started reading for February in the middle of January! Even so, I didn’t read all the books I wanted to for #ReadIndies, and here are a few which got away:

There are so many interesting titles there from so many interesting indies – I shall have to stop them dropping down the TBR because they all sound fascinating!

As for what’s in store as we continue through March; well, there will be reviews of the books you can see in the top picture which haven’t yet made it onto the Ramblings. I’m hitting the busy time of the year at work, so there may be a lot of comfort reading creeping in. And of course there are a few reading projects I haven’t been near for a while, which means that this little pile is calling to me…

Will I get near to any of these soon? That remains to be seen….. ;D