It’s been quite a week of reading, hasn’t it? I thought when Simon and I plumped for 1956 that it would be a good year, but I hadn’t realised at the time just how many wonderful books we would have to choose from; and I think this may well have been the most popular Club so far! Thanks so much to everyone who’s joined in – I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! Do keep commenting with your links – I have had a week of the most awful IT issues, so I am struggling at times to keep these up to date but will do my best! 😀

I started off the week with a big pile of potential reads – here is the initial stash!

Some possible reads for 1956…

And here is what I actually read!

The actual reads!

As you can see, there were a *lot* of books on the original pile which didn’t get read, and I think this is the club which has given me the most problems choosing. I’m really happy with what I *did* read, but I think 1956 definitely deserved a fortnight to do it justice!

Anyway, of the ones which got away, I think these are the three I regret most not getting to:

The ones which got away…

“Zama” was a late entrant to the field; it’s a review copy I’ve had for a while and it sounds fascinating. The Brophy is again one I’ve really wanted to read and as I missed out for All Virago/All August I had hoped to get to it here – nope. As for Beverley – well, you can never have enough Beverley as far as I’m concerned, but time got me again. A busy and stressful working environment at the moment is impacting a bit on my reading, so I am trying not to pressure myself and *enjoy* what I choose to spend time with. And I loved spending time with the books I *did* pick up during our club week, so that’s a success! Here’s to the next one in six months’ time! 😀