Although I have been reading up a storm lately, the heaps of volumes on the Book Table don’t seem to get any smaller… Some might say ‘self-inflicted wound’, as I *have* been buying a few (ahem!) books recently; and there have also been arrivals from lovely publishers. So I thought a good use of a Sunday morning would be to take stock, shuffle the piles and try to focus on what I should read next!

I have titled this post lurkers and newbies for good reasons! Many of the books on the table have been around for a while waiting for me to get to them, and I want to read them all but do get distracted. And it’s the shiny newbies which do the distracting so I really am my own worst enemy. Anyway, onward to the books!

First up are some of the review books lurking. The pile has gone down a little, but there *have* been incomings. All of these look rather wonderful and I could read any of them right now very happily. I’m pretty sure at least one will be coming off that pile soon! 😀

Next up, Irina Ratushinskaya. I have owned some of her books for a looooong time, though some are more recent finds. I was reminded of her recently after a Twitter convo, and really should read at least one of these soon. She had a dramatic and difficult life during the last days of the Soviet Union; but I’m vaguely worried about finding her experiences upsetting…

What’s in the Book Basket at the moment? you might ask… Four books which have been lurking for varying periods of time. The Larsen sounds marvellous, as does “East West Street” and I really *should* get onto these soon.

This pile is a mixture of Lurkers and Newbies – a fairly random and eclectic mix, but again all sounding marvellous. Some are quite slim, so I could probably make a dent in it fairly soon. There’s Bernhard and Sterne and a book about Solsbury Hill (cue Peter Gabriel) and a lovely Japanese translation – such riches!

Finally, a little pile of what I would describe as Heavyweights, either in size or content. “Baden-Baden” is calling strongly, as is the Bachelard and “Imaginary Cities” (which has been lurking unread for far too long). I could just ignore all the other piles and spend many happy days embroiled in any one of these. Maybe I will – or maybe I won’t!

To be truthful, I *do* know what I’m going to be reading next off these piles; although the actual review of it may not be for some weeks. Because, having been reading so much and relatively quickly recently, I have reviews stacked up for the next few weeks and posts will be coming quick and fast, I’m afraid! I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve been reading, and do share your thoughts on any of the books which take your fancy – I love a bit of bookish chat! 😀