If you’ve seen Simon’s post, or picked up the hints we’ve dropped on social media recently, you’ll know that it’s nearly time for our next Reading Club Week! We chose six months ago (when the world was still relatively normal…) to concentrate on books from 1920 – a very good year and of course 100 years ago, which made it quite special for our 10th Club.

We are, of course, in weird and unsettling times at the moment; therefore, reading something soothing from times gone by may be ideal for you (although not everything from 1920 is short and comfortable…) I known Simon loves the 20s, as do I, and there are some wonderful books to choose from.

So if reading is your escape at the moment, we do hope you will join us. The reading weeks are an undemanding challenge: just read what you want from the year, and share thoughts with us on your blogs, our blogs or any other platform you use. I do feel this will be a welcome distraction from the horrors of reality right now, so here’s to escaping into the past for a little while! We kick off on Monday, and all are welcome! 😀