Penguin Classics has lately taken to issuing some wonderful new translations in very pretty editions; slightly taller than normal paperback format, with coloured card covers and French flaps, they *look* nice and *sound* absolutely fascinating! So I was very happy to have the opportunity to review one of them for Shiny New Books: “The Memoir of an Anti-Hero” by Kornel Filipowicz.

Highly regarded in his native Poland, Filipowicz has never been translated into English before – which is pretty shocking, particularly on the evidence of this novella. It’s a fascinating, thought-provoking and in places chilling piece of work which considers the nature of survival under occupation, and how humans can and should behave when faced with oppression. There are certainly no easy answers, but the books exposes much hypocrisy and leaves the reader unsettled and uncertain (well, this one was, anyway!). You can read my review here – and hey! this counts as a Novella in November, so I’ve managed to take part in one of this month’s challenges anyway! 😀