Time for a drumroll, please! After the success of the #1930Club (and what a fab week of reading it was!), Simon suggested we ask for nominations for the next Club reading week, which will be in six months’ time. Despite some proposals of early or late dates, we both feel comfy sticking within the 1920-1980 range, and the actual year of 1920 came up several times in comments on our blogs.

Now, that’s quite an interesting suggestion, because of course next year will be 100 years on from that year. So as it’s an era that appeals to both of us, has an interesting anniversary and was a popular choice, we’ve decided that the next club will be the #1920Club! πŸ˜€

Simon has designed this nifty graphic for us all to use when we’re reading and posting about books from 1920, and as you can see the dates will be 13-19 April 2020. I noticed, too, that this will be our tenth Club Week, so it’s a bit of a milestone as well!

So – you can’t say you haven’t been warned. You have six months to source, research, read, enjoy and get ready to post about books from 1920. I’ve already got one title lined up which I’m *very* happy about! So what are you waiting for? Ready, steady – off you go! Here’s to the #1920Club! πŸ˜€