Well, the #1965Club reading week is over, and what a wonderful experience it was! As well as reading some marvellous books myself, I’ve loved seeing what everyone else has picked up and shared their thoughts about – it’s been such fun! Hopefully, you’ll all have enjoyed it as much as Simon and I have – personally, I was amazed at how many bookish options there were from 1965. And thanks, as always, to Simon for being a super co-host! 😀

I managed to read and post about five books and I was really happy with my choices – these are they!

It’s possibly a somewhat eclectic pile, and does represent a *part* of my taste in books (though not everything – there’s no non-fiction or poetry, for a start!). Give longer I would have read more from the year, and these are specific ones I had considered but which got away:

Having two sci-fi titles or two classic crime might have been a bridge too far for 1965, though I *am* sorry I didn’t get to re-read “At Bertram’s Hotel” as I’ve always ranked it as one of my favourite Christies and it’s overdue a revisit. And I really would have liked to tackle the Spark as I haven’t read her for a while and she is *so* good. As for the Strugatsky, that’s the one new book I bought in preparation for the Club, but I never got round to it and I’m sorry about that – hopefully it will come off the stacks sooner rather than later!

Apart from that, though, I managed to read books which I already owned so no other volumes came into the house – which is probably a relief to Mr. Kaggsy *and* the rafters. As Simon mentioned in his podcast about our reading weeks, there is pretty much always a Simenon from whichever year we choose; and there *is* a Maigret from 1965, but I don’t own it so I was good…. And for those of you wondering what date we’re going to choose for the next reading year in six months’ time? Well, Simon and I put our heads together and decided it was between the 1930s and the 1950s since we’ve only done one year from each of those decades. Simon suggested the year in question and I was happy to agree, so in six months’ time it will be (drum roll!):

As Simon pointed out, we’ve not yet done one of the years ending in 0, and this one seems to potentially have lots of interesting works to be reading. So get searching, planning and reading – you have plenty of time to hone your book finding skills… ;D