As well as being publication day for the wonderful Gazdanov collection I posted on earlier, today also sees the launch of a marvellous new series of books from the British Library. They’ve already had major success with their Crime Classics range, and are now branching out into Science Fiction Classics. If the first two volumes are anything to go by, this should be another winner…

To begin the series, BL have released two short story collections, each focusing on one of our neighbouring planets; the two that most exercise our imagination, the Moon and Mars. Renowned sci-fi expert Mike Ashley is in charge of the volumes (presumably curating the series in much the same way as Martin Edwards does so expertly with the crime books); and the contents make marvellous and varied reading.

Sci fi gets bad press and can be a divisive genre amongst readers. However, the best of sci-fi can be mind expanding fiction and I would encourage those nervous about it to give these two volumes a try – they’re wonderfully engrossing, entertaining and thought-provoking, and just damn good stories. You can read my review over at Shiny here!