So, as if recovering from a busy few days away wasn’t enough, plus returning to work after the ‘break’, it’s now time for the #1968Club! The year in question looks to be a bumper one, and it will be fascinating to see what books you all read, enjoy, recommend, discuss and link to!

I’ve put up a 1968 Club page, so please do leave a link to anything you *do* post about 1968 and I’ll round these up as the week goes in. In the meantime, I have read a few titles in preparation, and I *did* narrow down the rather large pile I’d amassed to these possibles:

Some of these are re-reads and some are new. And of course, there’s always going to be a Maigret in there (I think Simenon is the consistent feature of most of our reading years for me!) But I still haven’t quite decided which of these will be read and reviewed this week – watch this space!