Those of you who follow Simon’s blog (and that’s all of you, I hope!) will have seen that he’s been busily totting up the votes for a year in the 1960s and announced that, by a narrow margin, 1968 was the most popular – so the next reading week will be the 1968 Club, running from 23rd to 29th October 2017.

I wasn’t fretting too much about which year came out on top, and I confess I was more concerned about whether Simon would be happy, as I always feel his comfort zone is earlier in the century. However, when I had a first look at the books listed online for 1968, there were only a few titles that sprang out initially. But I did a little more research, and began digging around in the stacks, and not only does there look like a surprisingly wide range of titles available from the year in question, but I also seem to have read quite a lot from 1968!

Here is a tantalising hint of some of the books I may be tackling… Although as this is six months down the line, who knows what I’ll actually want to read at the time? Whatever is chosen, I do hope as many as possible of you will join in. So put the date in your diary, do a little research amongst your own books, and read up a bit in advance if you want to – roll on the #1968club! 🙂