And a happy new year to you all! The first day of January is traditionally a time to look forward to the coming 12 months and plan; in the case of a reader and/or book blogger, that usually takes the form of thinking about volumes you want to read, those you’d like to acquire or have recently acquired, and any reading challenges you’re thinking of undertaking during the year. Well, for me, 2017 is going to be very simple – I’m planning to have as few plans as possible!


The thing is, I find that I get all enthusiastic about the latest challenge, read-along or whatever, buy the books, get all set up and then when it comes to the time to read and take part, I’m either embroiled in a slew of review books, in the middle of an obsession with a different author or type of book, or simply to tired/busy/ill to take part. I’ve found I don’t respond well to reading pressure and the limited number of review books I get are enough to complicate things, without setting myself any other kind of boundaries.


Therefore 2017’s commitments will be limited, so that I can follow my reading muse and pick up the books I want to, when I want to. I *do* hope to:

a. finally finish the Dorothy Richardson Pilgrimage series. This has been a much more difficult read than when I first encountered the books but I’m determined not to be beaten!

b. take part in the LibraryThing Virago Group’s Author of the Month Group Read. This is a nice loose challenge whereby we all vote for a Virago author of the month and we can read their works or autobiographies or whatever takes our fancy as we please. It’s the kind of thing that can be dipped in and out of so I’m hoping this will work for me and that I’ll be able to read more of the books I already own.

c. enjoy reading books from 1951, the next year in the reading weeks I co-host with Simon at Stuck in a Book. These are great fun, and I do have a pile of books from the year in question already waiting in line!

d. read more from my stacks… I own a *lot* of books and I need to set about reading them – urgently. If I thought I had more self-control I would take part it one of many challenges to buy no books and read from your stacks, but the minute I set limits on myself I would rebel. Having said that, I have no plans to buy books and plenty to read, so you never know!

So – simple plans to start off the new year. Let’s hope my reading for 2017 can stay enjoyable, unstressful and uncomplicated! πŸ™‚