December is a time of year when I can expect bookish arrivals – not only do I have a birthday mid-month, but there is of course Christmas and the family are fairly well-trained when it comes to perusing my wishlist and choosing some suitable items. There are, fortunately, always a few unexpected treats too, and so I though I would share some of the arrivals with you!

On the birthday front, the Offspring behaved nicely and came up with the following treats:

bd-manguelEldest Child picked an Alberto Manguel title off the wishlist – I’ve read one of his books and enjoyed it, and this one comes highly recommended!


Middle Child went for an arty-crafty book I’ve been after – I like to dabble in the spare moments when I’m not reading and this is one that’s again highly recommended by many of the YouTube crafters I spend too much time watching…


Youngest Child plumped for an OuLiPo collection which I’ve been eyeing up for ages. I have the Perec story elsewhere, but basically other OuLiPo members take his story and riff on it – sounds absolutely fascinating!


And my Little Brother treated me to Darran Anderson’s Imaginary Cities – again a title I’ve been keen to read for ages so it’s nice to finally have a copy!

With birthday out of the way, Santa also came laden with books this year. Firstly, my Virago Secret Santa (the lovely Trish from Australia) gifted me some amazing things. These first three books were from my Virago wishlist:

vss-1All are books I was very, very keen to have so were wonderful to receive. But Trish also send a separate package with two other lovely items:

vss-2Thea Astley is an Australian author who’s slipped onto my radar recently. and I’m very keen to read her and also about her, so this lovely book is very welcome – as are the Australian Wildflower notecards!

Finally we get to a slew of books from OH who improvised madly and came up with some lovely surprises!


First up, the complete poems of Walt Whitman. I’ve wanted to read Whitman for absolutely ages, so I reckon OH has been doing a bit of mind-reading!


Next up, a Tolstoy I don’t have which contains several shorter works – lovely!


Bearing in mind that I’ve just been rabbiting on about Anthony Berkeley (Cox) who was also Francis Iles, this is a really timely arrival and another good choice by OH!


This one is a *very* interesting choice. I can’t bring anything particular to mind about Cortazar, but I just feel that I know he’s an author I want to read – watch this space!


And finally, a pretty pre-loved copy of a book I’ve wanted to read for absolutely *ages*. I mentioned it in a recent conversation we were having about Piers Paul Read and so it happened to turn up on Christmas day – such are the joys of Christmas book arrivals!

These aren’t the only books I’ve received over the festive period, but I thought I’d share just a few with you. I really have been gifted with some wonderful books and the TBR is now, of course, groaning under the strain. And as usual, the difficult thing will be choosing what to read next! I hope you all had bookish festive seasons too – do share anything particularly lovely you received! ๐Ÿ™‚