Not only is Tesco not a store I normally shop at (I usually use a small local Asda), but it’s also not the place I would expect to find interesting books as its book section is usually stuffed to the gills with the latest bestsellers – not my cup of tea….

However, as I was lurking in the entrance area yesterday, trying to keep warm and dry while waiting for my lift, I noticed a small bookshelf with some battered old books and a charity tin. There was a notice saying how much had been raised for the local community so far, and the implication was that you took a book and made a donation. Now, I’ve never been one to turn away from a collection of second-hand books and so I had a little browse and this is what came home with me…


I did, of course, leave a suitable donation….

Finding older sci-fi titles in a place like this astonished me – these kind of ad hoc book sales seem to be springing up all over the place, when I think about it; there’s one in our local Wilkinsons too, but the books are mainly tatty and unpleasant and of no interest at all. These are tatty, admittedly, but the titles *do* intrigue!


Aldiss is an author I’ve enjoyed very much, and I’ve made a mental note to pick up whatever of his I come across. I know nothing about these titles but I’m willing to give them a go!


I’ve never, ever seen a second-hand copy of New Worlds so this one was irresistible. I will, of course, have the Ballard stories in my collected volumes, but I’m hoping the rest of the contents will be interesting. The last book I know absolutely nothing about – but I couldn’t resist the cover!

I have been doing *so* well with not acquiring books lately, but alas these just *had* to come home with me. Time to go and scout for a few to take in and donate today, methinks….. =:o