Indeed it has! It’s been a wonderful week of reading, and not only have I enjoyed what I chose to read very much, I’ve also loved hearing about what everyone else has been reading.

When I started to think about what books I would choose for the club, I actually had a pile of volumes chosen from my shelves, which was a bit of an achievement. I did eventually buy one title that intrigued me and which I considered trying to squeeze in, so this was the final stack.


The Steinbeck was the book I bought, and I will read it eventually I’m sure! And I ran out of time and energy so didn’t make it to re-reading Nabokov’s “Bend Sinister”, alas (it’s been a bit of a week at work and home). But I’m pleased that I did get to all the other titles on the pile, and a wonderful bunch they were. I don’t think I could pick one out as a favourite, but I will say that my revisit to “The Plague” was very special!

So thanks to my co-host Simon and to everyone else who took part.Β  I have a load of links on my 1947 Club page and I will try to keep updating this with people’s posts, but if I’ve missed yours, please be sure to leave a comment so I can include you. Here’s to the next Club*! πŸ™‚

*Adding in here, now that Simon has done the Big Reveal, that next time we will be focusing on 1951 – so get planning! :))