You might have noticed that there have been fewer book haul posts on the Ramblings lately. I *have* been trying very hard to be judicious about the books that come into the house, and a quick glance down the little spreadsheet I keep of acquisitions *does* show a lesser amount last month – and of those that came in, several were review copies and gifts from kind people. However, I was popping into the charity shops to donate yesterday, and it would have been rude not to look at the books – and by chance I came across these!


Weirdly enough, “The Mask of Dimitrios” came from the same charity shop where I found my first Ambler title, “Epitaph for a Spy” – and for Β£1 is an absolute bargain – so pleased!

The beautiful Virago came from the same shop, also for Β£1, and it’s in absolutely lovely condition. I have another of Mrs. Oliphant’s Chronicles of Carlingford, I think, so they can sit together on the shelves until I get a moment to read them…..

And the collected Peake poems came from the Samaritans – I wasn’t sure if I had a copy or not (I have his selected poems from many years ago), but I don’t appear to have it. Well, you can never be sure with my bookshelves, but I couldn’t turn it down.

And if I hadn’t been so laden down with goodies from Poundland, and stuff I’d been buying there for work, I might have come home with some other titles – but that’s another story…