Hopefully you’re all now devouring the loveliness that is Shiny New Books 11 with all its wonderful book recommendations – very bad for the bank balance and wishlist, I know!

I thought I would link in to another of my reviews there – well, actually, a review and a Bookbuzz piece. As you might have noticed, I was rather excited to hear that the Penguin Modern Poets imprint was being relaunched and I was even more excited to be asked to review the first two books in the series.

The first volume, entitled “If I’m Scared We Can’t Win” is now out, and the second, “Controlled Explosions”, will be available in October.

PMP new

As you can see, they look very lovely and will make a wonderful collection sitting on any shelf…

To read my review of the books you can go here and to read my Bookbuzz piece with a history of the imprint click here. Hopefully the books will do much to spread the love of poetry, particularly from new poets, to a wider readership!