Whenever I’m getting reading for a reading event, I always like to gather the relevant books so I have them on hand for when the mood takes me or when the event arrives. And I know we’re a little bit away from the Jean Rhys Reading Week, which is co-hosted by JacquiWine’s Journal and Lonesome Reader and due on September 12th; but I’m trying to resist the temptation to buy more of her books, and so I’ve dug out my collection to share here!

rhys 1

It’s a modest collection (and please excuse the fact that Dostoevsky is staring at them – I have a little Russian display on the hall table…) Several of the books are battered old Penguin copies that I picked up for ridiculous prices (25p one of them!) in 1980s, possibly at jumble sales!

rhys 2

Looking at the Penguins more closely, despite their battered state I do rather like the three on the left which obviously come from the same series – I *don’t* like the film tie in cover, but when buying second-hand books you can’t always be choosy. However, if I see a copy that fits in with the first three I shall certainly snap it up!

rhys 3

These are the rest of the books – an autobiography, a study of Rhys and a collection of short pieces (which contains selections from her first book, “The Left Bank”). So which have I read? Well, I couldn’t actually tell you – possibly none of the books shown here, and therein lies a mystery…

The astute amongst you will have noticed that there is a book missing, in the form of her best-known work “Wide Sargasso Sea”. That book I can say with certainty I’ve read; it was my first Rhys and I loved it and I have a copy. Well, I should have – but where it happens to be is another matter. I have my suspicions that I may have once loaned it to Middle Child and where it went after that remains to be seen. I feel a bit of family friction coming on…

Meantime, I shall have to decide which book to read – decisions, decisions. What are you reading for Jean Rhys Reading Week?