HeavenAli’s wonderful #Woolfalong has reached Phase 4, which is biographies – either those of Woolf herself, or her writings on others.


One of the titles that immediately springs to the top of the list is her work “Flush” – ostensibly a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog of that name, it actually tells you much about the great poet herself. It’s a wonderful book which I re-read fairly recently, so I won’t be reading it again now, but I though I would link to my review. I got a *lot* more out of my re-read – it must be 35 years since my first experience with the book – and I thought it had hidden depths. You can read my full review here.


As for further reading, I’m still trying to decide which biographical Woolf to take on. The obvious title is “Orlando”, another book which I haven’t revisited since my first read of 35 years or so ago; although I’m tempted by Woolf’s biography of Roger Fry, and also a book of recollections of the author herself. Watch this space… πŸ™‚